Anti Blue Rays Computer and Gaming Glasses 100% UV400 Radiation-resistant - Unisex

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  • PROTECT YOUR EYES - High Energy Blue Light emitted by electronic devices (such as computers, TV, smartphones) have shown to increase the risk of vision conditions from sore dry eyes to macular degeneration. Maintain healthy eyes by reducing exposure to high energy blue light.
  • IMPROVE PERFORMANCE AND PRODUCTIVITY - Extended exposure to blue light rays may cause fatigue and stress. Filtering out the High Energy Blue Light allows you to focus on your game or task at hand.
  • BLOCKS 90% OF HIGH ENERGY BLUE LIGHT - ELITERA Blue Light Shield protects your eyes by filtering out 90% of High Energy Blue Light rays while letting through the less harmful low energy blue light.
  • LOW COLOR DISTORTION LENS - Unlike other glasses on the market with heavily tinted lens. ELITERA  low color distortion lens is optimised to provides the perfect balance between eye protection and viewing quality.
  • QUALITY CLASSIC FRAME - The classic large rectangular frame is suitable for both male and female while covering large field of vision. Spring loaded temples allows for comfortable fitting for both large and small heads.


Stare at the computer or smartphone all day?
Studies have shown that prolonged exposure to emitted light source – especially High Energy Blue Light – may cause:
- Painful or dry eyes
- Fatigue and stress (hard to focus for long periods of time)
- Insomnia (hard to fall asleep or poor sleep quality)
- Poor productivity and performance
- Macular degeneration and other vision conditions

Protect your eyes from harmful High Energy Blue Light with ELITERA  Blue Light Shield!

Here are 5 Reasons You're Going to LOVE Your ELITERA Blue Light Shield:

1. It blocks 90% of high energy blue light (To provide maximum protection)
2. Lets through 70% of low energy blue light (For minimal color distortion)
3. Classic unisex design (So you can protect your eyes while looking stylish)
4. Comfortable sturdy frame (Spring-loaded temples ensures maximum comfort)


Item Type: Eyewear Accessories
Eyewear Accessories: Frames
Pattern Type: Solid
Gender: Unisex
Model Number: Computer Goggles
Frame Material: Plastic
Brand Name: ELITERA
suitable for: Women and Men
Style: Vintage
type: full frame
Frame Material: Acetate